FFXC Flash Cigarettes

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FXXC FXX Flash cigarettes

fxx fx

One of our best sellers, our cigarettes are so real looking and comfortable to manipulate that they received acclaim by magicians all over the world.

The Flash Cigarette is made out of Flash Cotton and Flash Paper, looks just like a real cigarette, with scorch marks, but burns fast without any residue left. You can really fool people with it through fire magic both in close-up and on stage. Brings a lot of fun and amazes audiences.

It burns quickly and completely with no ash or smoke and its ideal for close up or stage performances.

Perfect for vanishing, producing or transforming objects with a flash!

• The pack contains 8 Cards


  • Extremely Flammable Material
  • For Professional Use Only
  • Use and Misuse of this product is the responsibility of the user
  • Dry before using the product
  • Not to be used by under 18's
  • All orders will be vetted before delivery