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As the industry leader we constantly source and provide the most unique, innovative and best quality pyrotechnics and display fireworks available from around the world. Customised to meet Australian conditions, complying with Australian Standards and meeting legal requirements for not only Melbourne Victoria but all States and Territories of Australia .

Our team of skilled and expert staff members operate from our showrooms which are located only minutes out of the Melbourne CBD and we are not only dedicated in ensuring that Crack A Jack Fireworks provide the ultimate with every fireworks display being not only “Forever Memorable” with visual spectacle but we also ensure that not a single factor of our fireworks services are compromised in safety or regulatory compliances necessary to present a fireworks display.

Crack A Jack Fireworks

Are the longest established Melbourne based company in Victoria providing both Indoor and Outdoor Fireworks displays for every event ranging through Corporate / Weddings / Engagements / Proposal / School Fetes / Awards / Dedications / Fashion / Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs in fact any type of event or function all of which we carefully and individually script, orchestrated and choreographed ensuring that no firework display is replicated and that each one maintains a unique, original and visual spectacle that is never duplicated.