HIRE - LED Mix Laser 3 in 1

mix laser light hire



This new 3 in 1 unique light combines laser, strobe and disco lighting effect together to make a unique lighting effects. Total 150mW lasers mix creates 8 different patterns, which brings you fantastic laser effects. Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber 5 pcs of 3W led light feature inside to created romantically disco lighting effect. High-output white led build around the light to light up your party.  


It is perfect for stage, wedding, Mobile DJ and night club.

Technical Parameter:

Laser Source                                              DPSS Green Laser, Red Laser Diode

Laser Power                                               50mW@532nm(adjustable) Green,100mW@650nm Red

Power Supply                                            AC100V~240V,50Hz-


LED Source:                                                   8 Pcs of 1W White LED,

                                                                       Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber 3W LED

Rating Power                                             10W

DMX                                                           9 Channels

Laser Safety                                               Class 3b

Dimension                                                  225mm*298mm*310mm

Gross Weight                                             4.5kg


  • 6 Show of laser and led
  • 100 scales of effect speed control setting
  • 5 color rotating derby with Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White 3W LED
  • 8 grating laser effects with 100mW/650nm red and 50mW/532nm green
  • Strobe effect of 8 white leds.