Mix Laser Disco Light Hire


This new 3 in 1 unique light combines laser, strobe and disco lighting effect together to make a unique lighting effects. Total 150mW lasers mix creates 8 different patterns, which brings you fantastic laser effects. Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber 5 pcs of 3W led light feature inside to created romantically disco lighting effect. High-output white led build around the light to light up your party.  

It is perfect for stage, wedding, Mobile DJ and night club.

Laser Source                                              DPSS Green Laser, Red Laser Diode

Laser Power                                               50mW@532nm(adjustable) Green,100mW@650nm Red

Power Supply                                            AC100V~240V,50Hz-


LED Source:                                                   8 Pcs of 1W White LED,

                                                                       Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber 3W LED

Rating Power                                             10W

DMX                                                           9 Channels

Laser Safety                                               Class 3b

Dimension                                                  225mm*298mm*310mm

Gross Weight                                             4.5kg

Note: images & descriptions for illustration purposes only (the final delivered product may vary from that shown or described)