Add some colour and movement to you next function.  Based on the vintage 80’s rotating helicopter light, this modern replacement, changes colours while rotating beams of light around the room.

Use in inbuilt programs or combine it with an optional DMX controller to program or choose the combination of colour and movement.

Helicopter Q6 is a multi-effect effect light designed to dazzle and energize the dance floor. It features adjustable RGBW beams, a round SMD strobe and a red/green pattern laser on a rotating base with continuous pan rotation creating unique and amazing effects. Its narrow, razor-sharp beams of RGBW light create astonishing aerial effects and the rotating red and green laser produces thousands of razor sharp beams that cover a large area. Helicopter Q6 is easy to control using automated and sound-activated programs, master/slave, DMX or an optional IRC-6 remote.