1800ml 70W Ultrasonic Cleaner

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1800ml 70W Ultrasonic Cleaner

Designed to effectively clean your jewellery, watch bands, fountain pens, dentures, razor heads, printer heads, coins, eye glasses, small silverware, and small machined parts. It has a generous size 1.8 litre stainless steel bowl that illuminates blue during operation, and five panel mounted push buttons for easy operation. Features include five timer settings from 90 seconds to 8 minutes, LED display, strong or normal power settings, and a defoam setting that cycles the cleaner for 5 seconds with 3 second intervals. Mains powered. 


• 40/80W

• 1.8 Litre bowl

• 8 minute timer


Continuous Power : 40.0W
Maximum Power : 80.0W
Width : 258.0mm
Height : 160.0mm
Depth : 165.0mm