20ml UV Face And Body Paint

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20ml UV Face And Body Paint 

Great for parties, functions and events.. make your party GLOW !

  • Multiple UV bright colours available.

  • This paint Fluoresces (Glows) under UV Black Lights. In normal light conditions these paints are vibrant and brightly coloured.

  • Thick and creamy consistency makes these paints easy to apply to skin. Washes off skin with water.  

  • Can be applied to skin using a paint brush, fingers, cotton wool buds or a sponge. 

  • Made from the best colorants available and does not contain any unnecessary bulk fillers.

  • These wax based paints leave your skin feeling smooth unlike inferior water based paints that dry and crack off like dry mud.

  • These handy tubes of UV Face and Body paint will easily fit into your Pocket or Purse.

  • 20ml UV Face And Body Paint Tubes Coverage. One tube should be enough to cover one persons face completely.

  • No Dangerous Chemicals and Made In Australia

  • These are Made in Australia so you can be assured they have zero dangerous or cancer causing ingredients.

  • 20ml UV Face And Body Paint Tubes are the go anywhere tube size