30m Laser Distance Meter with 5m Tape Measure

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30m Laser Distance Meter with 5m Tape Measure

Use this 2-in-1 laser measuring tape to measure rooms or areas up to 30m using the laser or objects up to 5m using the retractable tape. The display can be set to show metres, inches or feet, with a laser accuracy down to just +/-3mm in ideal lighting conditions. The internal rechargeable battery can be charged from an available USB power source, and power save features extend the battery life. 


- 30m Laser

- Metric and Imperial 

- Auto power-off function

- Comfortable non-slip grip


Measurement Accuracy: ±3mm*

Units: m/in/ft

Measurement Range (without reflector): 0.03-30m**

Measure Time: 0.3-4s

Laser Type: 620~670nm,<1mw

Automatic Laser Off: 15 Seconds

Automatic Shut-Down: 45 Seconds


*Up to 30 metres under good measuring conditions (good measuring surface, room temperature). Under bad measuring conditions (such as too strong ambient light, excessive or small measured coefficient of the measured point, excessive temperature difference, etc.) the deviation is ±0.25mm/m.


**Please use a reflector in cases of strong sunlight or poor reflection of the target


Distance Range : 0.03m, 30.0m
Distance Accuracy : +/- 3mm
Display Backlight : White LED Backlit
Width : 75.0mm
Height : 75.0mm
Depth : 40.0mm
Weight : 250.0g
Rechargeable battery required to power : Main Product
Shape : Lithium Rechargeable Battery Cell/Pack
Type : Lithium Polymer
Voltage : 3.7V
Capacity : 500.0mAh
Batteries included : true
USB rechargeable : true