A1015 • Remocon Remote Learning Uhf 4 Key

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A1015 • Remocon Remote Learning Uhf 4 Key

Can be used as a replacement for your car remote control or to combine more than one remote. ie. Garage door, car, motorbike, home alarm, etc. Features a two channel switch allowing the buttons to be programmed on different frequencies. Very simple to program, just copy the code from your existing remote control. Operating frequency 255-500MHz. Battery included.
Not suitable for code hopping alarms.

PLEASE NOTE: For correct operation the cloned remote must operate between 255MHz and 500MHz and not be a code hopping type


  • Four programmable buttons
  • Easy to program
  • Wide operating frequency range of 255-500MHz
  • Includes alkaline battery
  • Includes handy key ring