AIRF - Airotechnics Flick Sticks

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AIRF - Airotechnics Flick Sticks


Australian Made

Flick Sticks.. powered with a simple “flick of the wrist”.  

The silver holographic tube is filled with rectangular shaped pieces of turbofetti tissue/mylar which flies out up to 15 feet into the air. Confetti sticks are ideal for weddings, receptions, corporate events, New Years Eve, or any other celebration! Make any occasion more memorable. 

Available Colors:

  • Yellow Tissue
  • Red Tissue
  • Black Tissue 
  • Purple Tissue
  • White Tissue
  • Green Tissue
  • Blue Tissue 
  • Turquoise Tissue
  • Orange Tissue 
  • Green Tissue
  • Multicolour Tissue
  • Silver Mylar
  • Gold Mylar 
  • Red Mylar
  • Blue Mylar
  • Green Mylar

..or we can customize these in any combinations of colours you require. Please contact us for any special order.