AVE Vaperiza 500 Fog Smoke Machine 500Watt

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AVE Vaperiza 500 Fog Smoke Machine 500Watt

The Vaperiza 500 is a compact 500W smoke machine that provides a great fog effect. Traditionally used by DJs, venues and bands to help create atmosphere and enhance lighting effects. The Vaperiza 500 is the perfect size for your next house party or event with a 5,000 cu/ft output (enough for a double car garage).

  • Maximum 500 Watt Output
  • 0.25L Tank
  • Full tank lasts between 1 – 3 hours depending on use
  • Includes Wired remote
  • ~4-5min Heat up time
  • Compatible with Vaperiza Wireless Remote (sold separately)

Output:5,000 cu.ft/minPower

Mains:240V / 50Hz

Dimensions:250 x 135 x 190mm

Weight:2.25 kg

Optional Accessories:Vaperiza-Remote