Brush-On Electrical Tape Black 118mL

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Brush-On Electrical Tape Black 118mL


Liquid Brush On Electrical Tape is a rubber coating for use as electrical tape and insulation. This flexible coating exhibits excellent protection from acid, alkaline, and abrasion, as wells as sealing out moisture and salt permanently. Liquid Tape has a strong dielectric protection; 1,200 v/mil, 5 – 7 mils per coat. This rubber based coating will not harden, unravel or become brittle in extreme weather conditions.


  • Provides a flexible coating for electrical wiring
  • Permits flow of electrical current
  • Waterproof-prevents moisture and corrosion
  • Eliminates the need for electrical tape or shrink tubing
  • Remains flexible after curing
  • UV resistant
  • Chemical Type: Proprietary Compound
  • Appearance: Black Liquid
  • Specific Gravity: 0.97
  • Flash Point (SCC): 160ºC (600ºF)
  • Temperature Range: -54ºC to 204ºC (-65ºF to 400ºF)
  • Dielectric Strength ASTM D-149.........1200 volts/mil (5 mil thickness)