X3305 Neon Flex LED Strip Lighting IP65 Blue

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X3305 Neon Flex LED Strip Lighting IP65 Blue

This new style of decorative LED lighting is designed to look like traditional neon lighting tubes with the added advantage of being very low power usage and ultra flexible for installation just about anywhere! LEDs are sealed in a flexible outer shell providing weather resistance up to IP65 rating. 12V DC input can be provided using a terminal block or DC jack adaptor such as P 0610A. A mark is provided every 50mm for cutting to length as desired (strips can be joined by carefully cutting away outer sheath and soldering together. To protect against moisture any joins must be resealed with heatshrink and silicone). Strips can be affixed to surface using X 3308 mounting clips or a general purpose silicone adhesive.


  • Lights up entire 5m length in a smooth light output.
  • Cut to length as desired.
  • Ultra bright, long life LEDs.
  • Thin and flexible sheath (13x6mm) allows for tight radius bends in signage applications.
  • Low voltage DC powered, safe to use and self install.
  • Weather resistant IP65 rated.
  • Input voltage: 12V DC
  • Current per m: ≈750mA
  • LEDs: 120pcs of SMD 2835 per metre.
  • Weatherproof rating: IP65
  • Lumens: 350-400 per metre.

Quality Note
We evaluated many different versions from various suppliers before deciding on these particular LED neon flex models. Whilst you may find types available on the market which are cheaper, we think these offer several key benefits.

1. Flexibility: If you are designing an LED sign then the tightness of the radius is an important factor. This neon flex can be curved into a circle 2cm across, allowing you to create shapes and lettering with ease. The silicone casing on other Neon Flex products we tried is simply not flexible enough to create signs unless they are very large.

2. Light output: The biggest variation we found in various samples was light output. This may have been due to the quality of the outer silicon and its level of translucency. We found this Neon Flex to be the best for brightness and overall evenness of light across the whole length of the strip.