Covert 1080p Pen Camera

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QC-8202 Covert 1080p Pen Camera

Looks just like a regular pen but it has a tiny camera and microphone just above the pen clip to discreetly capture high definition video, audio or still photos. The files save to a microSD card (not included), which you can later transfer onto your computer. Ideal for taking electronic notes at your next meeting or protecting your legal rights by capturing a video or audio record of an event. Photos and recordings are triggered using the push button located on the top of the pen, and the internal Li-Po battery provides up to 70 minutes of recording. Connect to a USB port to charge. This pen is not designed to be used as a pen full time, it can be used while covertly recording. The ink is not replaceable.

- Voice, Photo or Video Recording
- Rechargeable


Type of Memory : Micro SD Card
Memory Capacity : 64.00000000GB
Length : 145.00000000mm
Diameter : 13.00000000mm
Weight : 40.00000000g
Shape : Lithium Rechargeable Battery Cell/Pack
Type : Lithium Polymer
Capacity : 210.00000000mAh
Battery quantity : 1.00000000pc
Batteries included : true
Run time : 70.00000000min
Run time conditions :
USB rechargeable : true
DG UN Number : 3481.00000000
DG Ship Name : 3481 - Lithium Ion Batteries Packed In Equipment
DG Class : 9.00000000
DG Pack Group : II - Medium Danger
DG Hazardous Chemical Code :
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 0.77700000Wh
Dangerous Road Freight : false
Dangerous Air Freight : true
Photo Resolution : 4.00000000MP
Recording modes : , ,
Storage :
Video Format :
Picture Modes :