CR Laser Compact Cyan Laser 150mW

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CR Laser Compact Cyan Laser 150mW

The CR Lite Cyan laser is designed for ease of use and low maintenance.

Under both Auto & Audio modes you can select Green, Blue, or Cyan or 3 color mixing mode to run all 128 laser patterns.

In addition the supplied Infra-red remote controller allows you to control the laser once it is installed.

The robust construction of the legs and the integrated foot end caps ensure the stool is sturdy and safe. The stool can be folded flat for transport.


  • Laser Power: 50mW-G+150mW-Cyan+100mW-B
  • Laser Color: Green, Blue, and Cyan
  • Rating Power: 15W
  • Laser Modulation: TTL Modulation Signal, Frequency 0~1KHz
  • Scan System: High speed step motor drive and grating scan
  • System Port: DMX512 input and output port
  • Interlock Emergency switching port
  • Control Mode: 4 Auto Modes, Sound activation,DMX512 control, IR Remote Control
  • Control Function: Precision Step motor
  • Work Environment: 10-40 degree Indoor
  • Size: 140x160x80mm
  • Weight: 1.3kg