CR Laser Moonstar MkIII RGB Laser

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CR Laser Compact Moonstar RGB Laser with 150mw Red, 150mw Green, 5W Blue LED Effect

Create an explosion of laser light with the CR Moon Star MkIII! Featuring red, green and blue laser that create a diffraction effect across your floor.

The CR MoonStar MkIII is ideal for decorating a bar, restaurant, club or for mobile DJ use. The unit features an LCD display for better control of your light via DMX. You can also connect it to any DMX controller for remote setup.


  • Power Supply: 230V ~ 50Hz
  • Laser Power: 100mW Red + 50mW Green
  • LED Power: Class 3B
  • Laser Class: 5W Blue
  • Laser Modulation: TTL/Analog Modulation, Frequency 0 10KHZ
  • Scan System: High speed scanner >20K scan angle: ±20 degree with the function of control and protection when the size is too small, the power is too high, the resistance is too big, or the temperature is too high.
  • System Port: 7 Channel DMX512 input and output port
  • Control Mode: DMX, Musical, Auto
  • Display and Operation: LCD and LED Control Panel / Laser diode status LED Corresponding / Scanning area sizing reset and pattern mirroring
  • Protection and security: Standard laser aperture shutter, Key switch, Interlock, Emergency Stopper, Laser black-out and scanning sizing limited.
  • Size: 240 ×110 ×250
  • Weight: 4kg