CR Laser Drawing Star RGB Laser 800mW

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CR Laser Drawing Star RGB Laser 800mW

Drawing Star RGB Full Color Laser is an upgrade version of double power laser ranges and a new member of CR 7 Colour laser series.

It is a compact full laser projector with a total combined output of 800mW.

The laser is installed with double rotating burst grating which creates much wider diffraction angles, a more symmetrical laser beam, and better quality grating layers.

Countless multi-color laser beams will bring you the feeling of star space.

The laser can be controlled via 3 Auto Modes, 3 Sound Active Modes and DMX.


  • Laser Power: 100mW-G + 200mW-R + 500mWB
  • Laser Colour: Green, Red, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Yellow, White
  • Power Rating: 30W
  • Laser Modulation: TTL Modulation Signal, Frequency 0~1KHz
  • Scan System: High-speed step motor drive and grating scan
  • System Port: DMX512 input and output port, Interlock Emergency switching port
  • Control Mode: Inside 3 Auto modes, DISCO Pub Sound control Mixture, Standard DMX512 signal control
  • Control Function: Precision Step motor to orientation, Multilaser work together without cable
  • Size: 220x170x170mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg