71008 - CR Lite Mini Mushroom

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71008 CR Lite Mushroom

CR Lite

CR Lite Party Range LED effect lighting offers a quick and easy way to set up your party. This party range including LED mini burst, LED mushroom light & UV/Strobe slim light. All those party effects are ready to used right out of the box. And also those units can be running in Auto and sound mode. A CR-IRC-2 remote is also included.




  • Classical mushroom Effect
  • 9W High power Tricolor RGB LED
  • 350 degree rotating back and forth, shining the whole area.
  • IR remote control
  • 15 shining beams and rich multicolor effect
  • Auto running and sound active modes


Technical Parameter:

Total Power:


LED Number:

1 * Tri color RGB LED, 3A


DC 12V 0.6A

Spare parts:

Power adapter, IR remote controller



Packing Size

L187 X W153 X H152mm