CR Lite Mini Strobe 20W

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CR Lite Mini Strobe 20W

CR Lite hire mini ball crystal

It's mini. It's cute. It's a MINI strobe!

A 20W high light intensity mini strobe. Housed in robust ABS casing with adjustable mounting bracket. On the rear is the control to adjust the flash rate from 0-10 flashes per second. The unit comes with a fixed 0.9m lead. With impact, charming design and light weight, this lighting is good for home mood-making, home party, KTV bar, club and gift.

Technical Parameter:

Light Consumption                                   20W

Power Supply                                            AC240V, 50Hz

Flash Rate:                                                  0-10 flashes per second

Case Material                                            ABS

Work Environment                                   10~40℃ Indoor

Gross Weight                                             0.5kg

Dimensions:                                                   55 * 98 * 137mm