D1 - Single Channel Drop-Over Cable Guard

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D1 - Single Channel Drop Over Cable Guard

240V and 3 Phase Power Cables, Multicores, Audio Visual Cables, Fibre Optic Cables, Pneumatic Pipes and Hoses, Water/Waste Pipes and Hoses, Anything that Fits in the Channel!
Power Distribution, Signal/Audio Visual Cable Distribution, Pneumatic Hose/Pipe Distribution, Water/Waste Distribution, Anything that Fits in the Channel!
FEATURES: No Metal or Conductive Parts, Models for Pedestrian to Heavy Vehicle Traffic, Nylon Hinge Rods, Simple Strong Inter-Locking System, Easy Storage and Transportation, Suitable for Indoors or Outdoors, Add or Remove Cables Easily.
Cost Effective, OH&S Compliant, No Special Skills or Tools Required, Protect your Asset, Light Weight, Portable, Flexible.
Public Areas, Events, Festivals, Fairs, Concerts, Ovals, Sports Grounds, CarParks, Schools, Halls, Auditoriums, Shopping Centres, Offices, Homes, Pedestrian to Vehicle Traffic Areas.
Eliminate Trip Hazards, No Metal or Conductive Parts, Eliminate Overhead Hazards, Protection from Electrical Cables, Light Weight, Add or Remove Cables Easily, High Visible Yellow Lids.


Single channel low profile drop-over.
Material: ThermoPlastic
Dimensions: 1000mm (length) x 20mm (height) x 133.40mm (width)
Number of Channels: 1
Channel Dimensions: 12.69mm (height) x 38.12mm (width)
Weight: 1.43kg