E-Lektron EL30-M 12" 700W Battery Portable PA System

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EL30-M 12" 700W Battery Portable PA System

  • Media-Player with Recording Function
  • Integrated battery
  • Come with 2 VHF Microphones
  • Rolling Wheel
  • BLUETOOTH Interface
  • FM-Radio

Powerful, 2-way PA sound system with a built-in power amplifier in shock-proof ABS plastic housing with handle and wheels.

With the built-in mini-mixer, wireless microphones, USB / SD MP3 player, line and instrument input, the box works as a standalone PA system. Multiple systems can be connected in series via line-out and line-in.

Ideal for presentations, sound reinforcement, musicians, karaoke, etc. With this versatile Soundsytem, you can record about 150-200 persons.

Despite many application possibilities easy to handle.


    • Sound system with integrated mixing amplifier, media player, FM radio and 2 microphones
    • Sturdy ABS plastic housing with hand grip and castors, also for outdoor use
    • Integrated, powerful amplifier with low-energy technology
    • 2-way bass-reflex loudspeaker technology with great sound control and deep bass
    • Media player with USB connection and SD card slot, incl. Recording (recording function)
    • BLUETOOTH interface for wireless playback of music from the smartphone or tablet
    • FM radio with integrated antenna
    • Illuminated display with MP3 title display
    • Incl. Remote control for media player functions
    • Incl. 2 VHF microphones with feedback suppression - Possibility to connect cable microphones
    • Connectable echo effect for microphone and instrument connection
    • Talkover function: switchable crosstalk attenuation for automatic power control of the music during microphone operation
    • Mixing of MP3, radio microphones, external music and instrument/cable microphone
    • 3 Operating modes:
      • On the 240Vac power supply
      • To 12Vdc
      • Via the integrated battery
      • Integrated battery - the system has a built-in rechargeable battery
      • Downstairs stand for 35mm speaker stands
      • Robust metal grille for the woofer


      • USB and SD ports for playing music from the memory stick or card. A mobile phone can be charged at the USB port.
      • Receiver for VHF radio microphones
      • 2 pcs. 6.3mm jack (cable) microphone connector, 1 of which instrumental for e.g. Electric guitar
      • 1 pc. Cinch line-in connection
      • 1 pc 3.5mm jack socket AUX input
      • 1 pc Cinch line-out with only the line-in signal, 2 pcs. Cinch line-out with mixed-signal
      • 240V power supply
      • DC socket for additional 12V battery (for 2.5x5.5mm DC plug)

    Package Including:

    1 Sound system

    1 Power cord

    2 Microphone incl. Battery

    1 Remote control for the media player

    1 Operating instructions

    Technical specifications:

    Operation 240Vac or 12Vdc


    USB / SD -Port

    Up to 16GB
    Playable Files MP3 / WMA / ID3-Tag
    Microphone VHF 197.15/199.6MHz (R&TTE conform)
    Battery Microphone 2x 1.5V AA-Batterie (Alkaline)
    Battery Capacity 3-5 hours (volume-dependent)
    Woofer 30cm - 12", Membrane in fabric thickness
    Titanium Titanium dome horn, dynamic
    Control Range Tone control per +/- 12dB
    SPL max. 97dB
    RMS Power 350 Watt max.
    Peak Power 700 Watt max.
    Amplifier Power 100 Watt Low-Energy
    Frequence 40 - 20.000 Hz
    Dimension 56 (H) x 35 (W) x 31 (D) cm
    Weight ca. 14kg