Fuel Cell Breathalyser with Advanced Flow Detection

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Fuel Cell Breathalyser with Advanced Flow Detection



Fuel Cell Breathalyser with Advanced Flow Detection

This personal breathalyser uses an internal fuel cell to measure alcohol in your breath, which is one of the more accurate ways to test. Testing is simple, and blood alcohol is presented as a percentage on the backlit LCD display. Of course, all measurements are an indication only and you should only use them as a guide. The safest blood alcohol to drive with is zero. Features include a breath sample flow check, memory of the last 16 results, cumulative test counter, and a sensor self-diagnostic system. Just one AA battery is required for power (Included). An auto-off function extends battery life, and a battery low indicator reminds you when its time to change the battery. Mouthpieces are supplied, and a pack of six  can be purchased separately.


- Fuel Cell Sensor

- Breath Sample Flow Check Technology

- Backlit LCD screen

- 10 Second Warm up Time

- 1 x AA Duracell Battery Included.

Note: Readings taken with these devices are for reference only. In spite of their quality and accuracy, errors may occur due to operation or environmental conditions and we accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any consequences arising from the use of these devices.


Screen Type : Flat Panel Screen (LCD)
Screen Backlit : LED Backlit
Length : 118.0mm
Width : 50.0mm
Depth : 18.0mm
Size / Shape : AA
Type : Alkaline
Battery quantity : 1.0pc
Batteries included : true
Batteries can be replaced by user : true
Alcohol Detection Range : 0.0BAC, 0.4BAC
Unit accuracy : 0.005
Auto power off : true