Glow Flyer Nite Golf Ball With 1.5" Insert

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Glow Flyer Nite Golf Ball With 1.5" Insert

  • These glow in the dark GLOW FLYER golf balls come with a 1.5" green glow stick each.
  • Crack the insert to make it glow then insert it into the ball. Inserts will glow for 6-8 hours.
  • The ball is the same size and weight as a regulation ball, is very durable and can be used over and over.
  • Buy glow stick inserts seperately and reuse the ball. Click here for extra glow inserts.

Why limit your self to playing golf during the day? Now you can also play at night! Glow in the dark golfing!
Fantastic for Golf Clubs to hold night time golfing events for fundraising etc.

WARNING: Never use drivers as the thin faces can be damaged with the slightly harder glow balls.

Colour: Green ball & green insert
Packaging: Individually foil wrapped glow sticks and loose golf ball

Operational time: Will glow of 6-8 hours
Product size: Same as regulation golf ball