Hand-held Anemometer and Altimeter

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Hand-held Anemometer and Altimeter

Provides wind speed, wind chill, temperature, barometric, and altitude information for any outdoor activity. The main display can be toggled between wind speed or altitude, with the sub-display showing either temperature/wind chill, or barometric pressure and temperature. The feature-packed device is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used be used hands-free with the included mini tripod. 

- Current, max or average wind speed
- Temperature and wind chill
- Relative, max or absolute altitude up to 3000m
- Barometric display
- Beaufort wind scale
- LED backlight


Pressure Range : 60.0kPa, 110.0kPa
Altitude Measurement : -500.000000m, 3000.0m
Altitude Measurement Sensor : Digital Air Presssure (Barometer)
Measurement Modes : Absolute, Relative, Maximum
Measures in Celcius : true
Indoor / Interior Scale : -29.900000°C, 59.0°C
Measures in Fahrenheit : true
Indoor / Interior Scale : -21.800000°F, 138.2°F
Wind Speed Range : 1.5m/s, 30.0m/s
Digits Displayed : 3.0 digit
Display Type : LCD
Display Backlight : Green LED Backlit
Dimension details : Excluding Stand
Length : 140.0mm
Width : 50.0mm
Height : 18.0mm
Weight : 60.0g
Battery used for : Main Product
Size / Shape : CR2032
Type : Lithium Single Use
Battery quantity : 1.0pc
Batteries included : true
Batteries can be replaced by user : true
Runtime : 365.0d
Runtime conditions : Approximate battery life during regular usage taking multiple measurements each day.