ISOWEDGE Acoustic Foam Wedge Charcoal

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ISOWEDGE Acoustic Foam Wedge Charcoal

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ISOWEDGE-P Acoustic Foam Wedge Charcoal –  available in 2 Pack, 10 Pack, 30 Pack or 50 individual units of  ISO Wedge in a classic charcoal.  This premium acoustic foam panel is engineered with the intention of improving your room’s sound by absorbing and deflecting frequencies. Sound treatment is often a very daunting topic, in both expense and knowledge, we spend so much time and money when choosing the monitors for us, why listen to them in an untreated space?  It is the one thing that all professional’s have in common, they all say that they should have treated room earlier. Sound treatment will create a controlled environment with greatly increased acoustics resulting in a room that has a cleaner, truer sound and therefore makes you a better recording artist or producer, faster.

The ISO Wedge uses a unique sawtooth style wedge to absorb and deflect the troublesome frequencies that can cause flutter echo, standing waves, and sound discolouration. Made from high-density Polyurethane foam with a precision flat surface with bevelled profiling that helps to maximise sound absorption, and it looks great. The ISOWEDGE is most effective at treating mid/high frequencies from 500Hz to at 4kHz, making it ideal for studios, theatre rooms, recording booths, and karaoke rooms.

Each ISOWEDGE panel is 40 x 40 cm and supplied as 5 packs of 10, allowing you to cover a 8m2 area effectively. It’s super easy to install and comes ready to use out of the box (no de-compression time needed like other brands). Like the other ISO series, it can be cut to shape with scissors or a sharp knife and works well with most low-VCO adhesives, staples, tacks, and other fixing methods.

  • Professional studio grade acoustic foam
  • High-density 25kg/m3 construction offer better absorption
  • Eliminates standing waves and flutter echoes
  • Reduces unwanted room reflections that can discolour your sound
  • Certified fire rating CA117
  • Precision surface profiling with a saw-tooth wedge pattern
  • Install right from the box, no de-compression time

Material: Polyurethane Foam

Surface Profile: Sawtooth wedge

Colour: Charcoal

Density: 25kg / m3

Fire Rating: CA117

NCR: 0.5

Size: 400 x 400 x 50 mm (per piece)

Weight: 100 g (per piece)

Coverage (per 10 pieces): 1.6m2