KN95 Mask Non-Woven (TGA Approved) Pack of 2

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AMAKN9501 Mask Non-Woven (TGA Approved) Pack of 2

The AMAKN9501 is a disposable face mask made of a non-woven fabric designed for single-use and rated as KN95 to protect against airborne particles


  • Filters 0.3 micron-sized particles up to 95%
  • Polypropylene non-woven fabric - 50g
  • Particle protection from two layers of non-woven fabric (i) 95%+ Grade meltblown cloth and (ii) low-resistance electrostatic cotton
  • Nose clip for adjustment and firm fit
  • Stretch nylon ear straps
  • Dust-proof
  • Anti-odor, anti-pollen and anti-gas protection
  • Pack Size: 18cm x 15cm (Pack of 2 Masks)
  • Units of Measure: Carton of 1000 or Box of 100 or Pack of 2
  • 36 Month shelf-life

Standards Compliance:

  • TGA Registered (ARTG #336701)
  • GB 2626-2006
  • EN149:2001 + ENA1:2009

Country of Origin:

  • China

Additional Notes:

  • This product can be used to protect against dust particles and filters 95% of particles at 0.3 microns in size
  • Designed for single-use
  • Ideal for use in medical centers, manufacturing, mining, catering, food processing, textiles, welding, ceramics, and electronics
  • Replace mask if torn
  • Allergy warning: Non-woven fabric