Lenoxx - BTD200 300-WATT Bluetooth Speaker

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The only limits of this ultra-powerful speaker are your imagination.
Modern in design and premium in quality, this mighty Bluetooth speaker boasts a rich and crisp sounding 300-watt RMS capacity. Superior sound is easy to manage with simple, but personalised, features. Be your own DJ, without spending a thing, with an easy-to-use mixer, graphic equaliser and dual volume controls.
Connect your smart-phone and our compatible microphone (not included) for an exciting ‘karaoke’ addition to your next get-together. Exciting, adjustable pulsing blue lights are a perfect coupling for this feature, adding a touch of colour to any function. Enjoy the full function remote control for convenient, easy access.
Our system scans and synchronises with your local FM radio stations. Take advantage of USB and SD card compatibility, letting you choose the most convenient way to enjoy your music. Now with an in-built dual system, enjoy two Bluetooth, two FM stereos, two volume control dials, two microphone inputs, two USB ports and two SD card slots to get the most out of your listening and entertainment experience.
Whether you’re relaxing in your living room, or in an entertaining mood, this 300-WATT Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect addition to your home.

• Features: Great quality sound, blue disco light on woofer, karaoke, echo function, LCD display, 2x Bluetooth, 2x FM radio, 2x volume control dials, 2x microphone inputs, 2x USB ports, 2x SD card slots, wheels and handles, full function remote control • Accepted Formats: Bluetooth, USB, SD card • Capacity: 300 Watts RMS • Measurements: 45cm x 35cm x 80.5cm • Weight: 19.3kgs