Luminary Bags (LED Tea Candles Sold Separately)

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Luminary Bags (LED Tea Candles Sold Separately)

  • Light your way with our beautiful select Luminary Bags
  • Perfect match with our LED Tea Candles or LED ice cubes. SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Weigh the Luminary Bag down with some sand, soil, pebbles, whatever and place one of our battery operated candles inside.
  • Looks fabulous as a table decoration, line a path or show your special guests that they are at the correct location.
  • Our Beautiful Candle Bags are made of White Fire Retardent paper so you can use a traditional Tea Light inside if you choose. (Remember to put a bed of fire retardant sand in base of bag and place wax candle in centre)

Styles: Stars, sunburst or heart

Product size: Each bag is 26cm x 15cm x 9cm