M8185 - 250W 240V To 120V Stepdown Transformer

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M8185 - 250W 240V To 120V Stepdown Transformer

Our handy stepdown transformer range converts 240V to 120V for using US appliances on Australian mains voltages. Fitted with US mains socket.

Secondary rating: 120V 2.1A Max

This model has an Australian type three-pin plug. It is electrically isolated between the primary and secondary, and the protective earth is carried through to output. It has a resettable circuit breaker for overload protection, and boast a linear transformer design with no waveform distortion. It has a brass surrounding shield to minimise magnetic interference. This unit is suitable for Hi Fi, TVs, Radios, Computers, Communication Equipment, Medical and Dental equipment, toys, and handheld appliances. TUV approved for CE mark.