Magic Mist SMM-20 Smoke Fluid 20 Litre

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Magic Mist

SMM-20 Smoke Fluid 20 Litre

Australian Made

A high quality water based smoke fluid for your smoke machine. Made in Australia with the highest quality ingredients this fluid odourless, produces a nice white smoke, and will help keep the machine clean.

  • Creates a thick white fog
  • 100% Odourless with a moderate dissipation rate
  • Used by the production companies, clubs, bars, DJs, and bands across Australia
  • Made for use with waterbased smoke machines and hazers
  • Made in Australia with premium ingredients
  • Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid.
  • Boiling Point- Approx. 220 deg. C
  • Vapour Pressure-1 atm
  • 20 litre container