MONSTER - ROCK2-21 Pro Audio 1/4″ Jack Instrument Cable 21FT/6.4M

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ROCK2-21 Pro Audio 1/4″ Jack Instrument Cable 21FT/6.4M

The Monster ROCK2-21 gives you a 21FT / 6.4M high-performance, 1/4″ instrument cable specifically suited for rock guitar. Like all Monster cables, the Rock will enhance the sonic bite and character of your electric instrument. Featuring a dense shield, the Monster Rock cable rejects interference and hum. As well as multi-gauge wire networks that maximize your guitar’s tone. While its heavy-duty 24K gold connectors increase conductivity and resist corrosion. Above all, these Rock cables are sure to give you the best sound possible for your Rock guitar.

Finally, Monster have you covered with an industry-leading, lifetime warranty.  So you’ll never be without the best sounding cables for your rock guitar recordings!

  • Dense braided shield minimizes interference and hum
  • Custom gold connectors with 24k gold contacts
  • Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
  • Duraflex® protective jacket
  • Carbon-Infused Polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise.
  • Solid core center conductor
  • Multi-Gauge wire networks
  • 95% copper braided shield
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty

Length: 21FT / 6.4M