Night Flyer CL Golf Ball LED

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Night Flyer CL Golf Ball LED

  • This LED Golf Ball is battery operated. The battery life is 10 hours +.
  • Choose from red, blue, green, yellow, pink and white.
  • The LED Golf Ball will glow when hit. It will last 6 - 8 minutes then turn off.
  • When the LED golfball goes out activate it again by hitting it on a hard surface and your 6-8 minutes starts again.
  • Drop it firmly on a hard surface just prior to Tee Off to activate your LED Golf Ball.
  • These LED Golf Balls are official weight and size.
  • Batteries in each ball are sealed and NOT replaceable.
  • The manufacturer specifies the Flexibility to be >60% and the Hardness to be : 80. Please read our warning below.


  • The mechanism inside the LED Golf Balls can be broken or damaged if hit at over 100 MPH
  • Never use drivers as the thin faces can be damaged with the slightly harder glow balls.

Not suitable for children under 5 years old. Adult supervision is recommended.