NL4MP Speakon Socket Chassis Mount

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NL4MP Speakon Socket Chassis Mount


Heavy duty 4 pin Neutrik SpeakOn NL4MP connectors as used on professional amplifiers and speaker boxes. Handles up to 30A current. Genuine SpeakOn connector manufactured by Neutrik.

Attention: speakON is NOT to be used as an AC mains or power supply connector!


  • Current rating 30 A rms
  • Glass reinforced materials make it extremely robust and dependable
  • Precise keyway for secure mating
  • Accurate twist lock latching system
  • Metal insert in locking area
  • Airtight design - optimized for speaker applications

4 Pin Speakon® Wiring Details

SpeakOn® or Lockable Speaker Connectors can be wired up in a variety of ways for different applications. Two positive and two negative pins are provided allowing two channels of audio to be passed via a single connector. In single channel applications only +1 and -1 will be connected.