P0796 Lockable Speaker Connector Plug Line

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P0796 Lockable Speaker Connector Plug Line

Heavy duty, robust construction, these connectors are an unbranded version of the popular Neutrik SpeakOn speaker connector. Pin to pin compatible with identical physical dimension as the brand name versions. As used on many professional amplifiers and speaker boxes. Handles up to 30 Amps current and the inline plug can accept up to 12mm cable diameter.

Note: requires 1.5mm allen key to terminate cables.

4 Pin Speakon® Wiring Details

SpeakOn® or Lockable Speaker Connectors can be wired up in a variety of ways for different applications. Two positive and two negative pins are provided allowing two channels of audio to be passed via a single connector. In single channel applications only +1 and -1 will be connected.