Rechargeable LED PAR Light

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Rechargeable LED PAR Light

Add some colour to your stage or next party with this mini rechargeable LED par light. This Party light features 6 bright LEDs that can change colour between red, green and blue, which can be controlled using the remote control, sound activation via the built-in microphone, or automatic mode. The internal lithium battery can provide up to 6 hours run time depending on the mode. The supplied bracket allows you to mount the light permanently or place it on a table for temporary use. Includes infrared remote control and USB charging cable.


Width : 150.0mm
Height : 160.0mm
Depth : 70.0mm
Rechargeable battery required to power : Main Product
Shape : Lithium Rechargeable Battery Cell/Pack
Type : Lithium Ion
Voltage : 3.7V
Capacity : 2200.0mAh
Run time : 3.0hr, 6.0hr
USB recharge time : 3.0hr, 4.0hr
USB Voltage Input : 5.0V, 5.0V
USB Input Current : 500.0mA, 500.0mA
USB Lead included : true
DG UN Number : 3481
DG Ship Name : 3481 - Lithium Ion Batteries Packed In Equipment
DG Class : 9
DG Pack Group : II - Medium Danger
DG Hazardous Chemical Code : 4W
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 8.14Wh
Dangerous Road Freight : false
Dangerous Air Freight : true
General Type of Light Source : LED
General Shape : PAR can
General Function : colour changing
Power Output : 9.0W
Sound Modulation : true
Mounting Method : bracket
LED Colour : Red/Green/Blue Combination