Smoke Shield Disinfectant Fluid 1L (DMM-5)

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Smoke Shield Disinfectant Fluid 1L (DMM-5)

Australian Made

Smoke Shield is a specially formulated anti-bacterial fluid that converts a conventional smoke machine into a portable disinfection system, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria. Delivered in an ultra fine 1-5 micron particle size it penetrates even the hardest to reach spaces, making it the perfect sanitising solution for cars, trucks, offices, and more. Supplied in a 5 litre bottle (DMM-5), its ideal size for small to medium-sized spaces, and can sanitize up to 20 standard passenger cars or 5 small offices. Great as part of a regular treatment plan or ongoing sanitation of cars, ducts, and other small areas.

How To Use

  • Add the Smoke Shield fluid to your machines fluid tank (ensure its clean of any other fluid/residues before adding Smoke Shield)
  • Turn your smoke machine/fazer on
  • When ready, operate your machine as normal
  • Fill the environment (car, office, area) with the vapor
  • Let the vapor sit for a few minutes then vent
  • Anti-bacterial smoke fluid
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Non-toxic planted based active ingredient
  • Works in all conventional smoke machines and fazers
  • 5L fluid – treats approx. 20 sedan sized cars
  • Made in Australia

Appearance: Clear liquid with pleasant odour

Boiling Point: Approx. 220 deg. C

Vapour Pressure: 1 atm

Size: 5 litre

Approved: EN1276, EN13697, and ASTM 1052

Product Information: Download