X3214A • IP65 5050 RGB 12 Volt LED Strip Light 5m

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X3214A • IP65 5050 RGB 12 Volt LED Strip Light 5m

LED strip lighting with red, green, blue variable colours for indoor or outdoor use. A controller & remote are available separately for varying timing of the colour change. Each strip features connectors at both ends for daisychaining multiple strips together. Remote control offers 16 selectable colours, adjustable brightness, speed of colour change, and 4 effects (flash, strobe, fade and smooth transition). Controller is rated at 6A max output, and will power 5m of lighting per controller. Backed with 3M adhesive tape for easy installation. IP65 model is encapsulated in a flexible plastic coating. 5050 chip size


Sold as 5m reels

    • Input voltage: 12V d.c.
    • Current draw (per m): 600mA (3A per 5m)
    • Light output: 720-840 lumens/m
    • Width: 10mm
    • Reel length: 5m

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.